Free Pick-Up/Delivery

It's Easy and It's Free:

    Call Alain or Travis at:


    Request YOUR Pick-Up time:

        We work on your schedule not on a pre-set day and time.  We are family owned and operated and will never send a stranger to your door.  One of our family members will handle your Pick-up and Deliveries.  

    We call you to Arrange Delivery:

        Delivery orders are usually processed within 2 days (If neccessary, expedited service may be available)  We call you when your order becomes available and we tailor our delivery to your schedule.  We can leave orders at a pre-decided location (porch, back of house, office, etc..) or deliver them to you personally in the evening.  

    We offer Billing Options:

        1. You can establish a monthly account by credit card. 
        2. You can pay at time of delivery by check or credit card. 
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